08 Oct 2021

EENEE publishes a report on Gender Gaps in Education: Evidence and Policy Implications

This analytical report reviews recent research and state-of-the-art empirical evidence by examining the economic literature on gender gaps.
07 Oct 2021

New analytical report on Patterns of School Segregation in Europe

This report documents school segregation across Europe today and demonstrates the extent to which Europe’s different school systems and diverse demographic profiles can explain some of the variations in segregation across countries.
06 Sep 2021

Out now: Policy brief accompanying the analytical report on Quality of School Life and Student Outcomes in Europe

EENEE has now published a policy brief to accompany this report highlighting the key findings and messages.
02 Sep 2021

EENEE publishes analytical report on Quality of School Life and Student Outcomes in Europe

There is little research offering consistent estimates of the quality of school life aspects across EU education systems and analysing their predictive value for different outcomes of schooling. This report aims to fill the existing gap by providing a research model for measuring the subjective quality of school life for EU students based on large-scale international assessments like the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
13 Jul 2021

EENEE Coordination team publishes a review of the latest research trends

The selected articles in this review reflect the current European Commission's priorities. Moreover, the review highlights the emerging topics for the Commission's attention.
21 Jun 2021

A new ad-hoc report on The Impact of COVID-19 on Apprenticeship Markets

EENEE publishes a new ad-hoc report on The impact of COVID-19 on apprenticeship markets prepared by EENEE expert Samuel Mühlemann. The report covers the following aspects: The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the apprenticeship training. The fallen demand for apprentices due to recession. COVID-19 impact on the retention rates and employment outcomes of apprenticeship … Continued