European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE) is a knowledge provider funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and coordinated by PPMI

EENEE's mission

EENEE has a mission to become a leading knowledge broker, advisor and knowledge disseminator in the economics of education and training. In addition, the Network aims to contribute to lasting positive policy changes that ensure high-quality education and training for all.

How EENEE works

EENEE works with high-profile experts in the field, covering a variety of topics, including the economic aspects of education and training, return on investment, future demand for skills, schooling quality and educational production, human capital, educational finance, research and innovation in education, education for sustainable growth, and digitalisation to name just a few. The Network is swift to respond to the fast-changing developments in education and training; hence it continuously adapts and expands expertise to reflect current trends.

  • As a knowledge broker, EENEE provides analytical reports and policy briefs.
  • As an advisor, EENEE offers reliable, independent and rigorous scientific support, country-specific expertise and advice to the European Commission through replies to ad-hoc questions, summaries of the latest research trends in the field, and participation in Commission's events.
  • As a knowledge disseminator, EENEE spreads the knowledge through various channels, including this dedicated website, social media and professional networks.

EENEE's expertise

EENEE is affiliated with over 30 high-level experts working in the economics of education and training, covering all 27 EU Member States, Switzerland, the UK, Turkey, and the Western Balkans. In addition to this, EENEE hosts an open database of researchers who specialise in the economics of education and training. Together, EENEE's experts cover most levels of education, namely:

  • Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
  • School education
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Higher education
  • Adult education
  • Non-formal and informal learning


EENEE is now on its fourth cycle (2021-2024). The Network was previously coordinated by the Centre for European Studies (CEPS) and the ifo Institute.