Analytical reports

The function of analytical reports is to bridge the gap between academic research and policy-making. The existing research is synthesized in order to draw conclusions and policy lessons and to effectively ‘translate’ these into concrete proposals for both broad policy directions and specific policy measures based on evidence.

Giorgio Brunello and Marco Bertoni EENEE Analytical Report No.43 2021

Human Capital During Recessions

Yann Algan, Giorgio Brunello, Esther Goreichy, Assenka Hristova EENEE Analytical Report No.42 2021

Boosting Social and Economic Resilience in Europe by Investing in Education

George Psacharopoulos EENEE Analytical Report No.35 2018

Education for a Better Citizen: An Assessment

Daniel Münich and George Psacharopoulos EENEE Analytical Report No.34 2018

Education Externalities: What They Are and What We Know