Other deliverables

In addition to analytical reports, the Network experts may prepare other types of deliverables. You can find examples of the policy briefs and responses prepared by Network members to the ad hoc questions below.

Mirjam Strupler Leiser and Stefan C. Wolter EENEE Policy Brief 1, 2015

Public Procurement Can Promote Apprenticeships

Raj Chetty, John N. Friedman and Jonah E. Rockoff EENEE Policy Brief 4, 2014

Great Teachers Create Lasting Value

Daniel Münich and George Psacharopoulos EENEE Policy Brief 3, 2014

Why Should We Care About the Costs and Benefits of Education?

Simon Wiederhold and Ludger Woessmann EENEE Policy Brief 2, 2013

Workers’ Skills Are Crucial for Success on Modern Labor Markets