Other deliverables

In addition to analytical reports, the Network experts may prepare other types of deliverables. You can find examples of the policy briefs and responses prepared by Network members to the ad hoc questions below.

Giorgio Brunello and Maria De Paola EENEE Ad hoc Report 3, 2016

First / Second Generation Immigrants – Background and Assessment

Maria De Paola and Giorgio Brunello EENEE Policy Brief 3, 2016

Education: A Tool for the Economic Integration of Migrants

Daniel Münich and Steven Rivkin EENEE Policy Brief 2, 2016

Can Incentives Effectively Raise the Quality of Instruction?

Elena Del Rey and Ioana Schiopu EENEE Policy Brief 1, 2016

Student Debt in Selected Countries

Compiled from EENEE network members by Ludger Woessmann and Ruth Schueler EENEE Ad hoc Report 1, 2016

Relevant Topics in Current Economics of Education Discussions

Maria Knoth Humlum and Nina Smith EENEE Policy Brief 5, 2015

Does School Size Matter for School Quality?

Torberg Falch and Daniel Münich EENEE Policy Brief 4, 2015

Policies to Attract a High-Quality and Innovative Teaching Force

Francis Kramarz and Martina Viarengo EENEE Policy Brief 3, 2015

The Role of Education in Preventing and Combating Youth Unemployment