04 Oct 2022

Out now: EENEE Analytical Report on Literature review on the provision of digital skills for adults

EENEE is pleased to announce a publication of yet another Analytical Report on “Literature review on the provision of digital skills for adults” written by EENEE Scientific Coordinator Miroslav Beblavý and Barbara Bačová.

This report has been prepared for DG EAC to provide a focused review of the literature published since 2018 on the provision of digital skills to adults in Europe. The review looks at the provision of medium-level digital skills by taking into consideration courses or programmes that are either work-based or provided in a non-formal and informal context and are targeted at adults of working age. The analysis focuses on understanding what aspects are addressed by policies relating to the development of digital skills among adults, what thematic areas and target groups are covered by the existing provision of digital skills, and how current provision addresses the needs identified.

The Report is accompanied by an executive summary which is available in English, French and German.