28 Nov 2023

Unveiling New Perspectives: EENEE Releases Ad-Hoc Report on Alternative Financing Models and Student Loans in Higher Education

In an endeavour to understand the complexities of financial landscapes in higher education, the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE) is releasing an ad-hoc report on alternative financing models and student loans, prepared by authors Hatidža Jahić and Nejra Hadžiahmetović-Milišić. This report aims to provide a detailed analysis from the perspective of students by reviewing relevant literature on the interests and considerations of both students and providers. Unlike a narrow focus on higher education alone, the desk research for this report spans various domains, including teaching and learning, adult and vocational education, among others.

The structure of the report begins with a brief summary of traditional student funding concepts, the primary providers, and their motivations. Subsequent sections delve into an analysis of alternative funding models, particularly focusing on students’ motivations for choosing these models to fund their education. Additionally, the report explores the motivations of businesses to provide funding to students and adult learners. The concluding section summarizes the main findings of the report and provides recommendations. Ad-hoc report is expected to serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, educators, and students, offering insights into the dynamics of alternative financing models and student loans across diverse educational contexts.