02 Sep 2021

EENEE publishes analytical report on Quality of School Life and Student Outcomes in Europe

The latest EENEE Analytical Report on Quality of School Life and Student Outcomes in Europe by authors Asenka Hristova and Ekaterina Tosheva.
There is little research offering consistent estimates of the quality of school life aspects across EU education systems and analysing their predictive value for different outcomes of schooling. This report aims to fill the existing gap by providing a research model for measuring the subjective quality of school life for EU students based on large-scale international assessments like the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
Using individual data from 189 468 15-year-old EU students who participated in the PISA 2018 assessment cycle, the analytical model provides valid subjective measures for six specific QSL dimensions:

  • students’ perceptions of the potential benefits of schoolwork for their future educational and employment opportunities;
  • their sense of self-efficacy in learning and of rewarding achievement;
  • the awareness of academic and socio-emotional support, attention, understanding, encouragement and inspiration received from their teachers, which can contribute to self-motivation in learning and instructional effectiveness;
  • students’ sense of belongingness as part of their identity formation;
  • a cooperative learning spirit established at schools; and
  • students’ experience of safety at their school, as associated with lower exposure to bullying.

You can read the full report here.