Webinar: Covid-19 learning deficits in Europe: analysis and practical recommendations

On March 8th EENEE held a webinar: COVID-19 Learning Deficits in Europe, dedicated to presenting the results of the EENEE analytical report, authored by Kristof De Witte and Maxime François.

The physical school closures that aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 affected seriously the learning process of millions of students worldwide. As the physical school closures prevented students from making progress at the same pace as before, and as knowledge and skills were forgotten, a ‘learning deficit’ was developed.

During the event expert Kristof De Witte explains the current situation across Europe and review the underlying mechanisms for the differences across European countries (also highlighting heterogeneities and reasons for these differences within countries). In addition to this, student characteristics that correlate with learning deficits or the deterioration of mental health will be discussed. Kristof De Witte also shares five policy recommendations for the short and long run.