26 Apr 2021

EENEE introduces the new website

We are delighted to introduce the new www.eenee.eu. Over the last four months, we redesigned EENEE’s visual identity and create a user-friendly accessible website for all. Our goal with the new website is to provide an effective exchange platform for education economists in Europe, as well as an easily accessible information device for policymakers, journalists, and other people interested in the economics of education and training in Europe.

Currently, you see the website in its pilot version, but soon it will benefit from even more features, including:

  • A website accessible for all – EENEE website can be browsed on any device and, when fully launched, will be available in three official EU languages: English, French and German.
  • All the information you may need – We worked with graphic designers and website developers to ensure the efficiency and compatibility of all our inputs and the highest standards of deliverables. You will be able to browse and explore EENEE’s key policy themes, read past and most recent deliverables and get to know EENEE’s experts.
  • Open database –  In the upcoming months, the new EENEE website will benefit from a newly-established database of researchers specialising in the economics of education and training.
  • Promoting sustainability – from 2021 onwards, we will use the OSDG tool to classify our analytical reports according to the Sustainable Development Goals.

We thank you for your support and patience while we are gradually rolling out the new website. Keep your eyes out for the upcoming and very exciting changes.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please e-mail us at [email protected]