The green transition in the labour market: how to ensure equal access to green skills across education and training systems

Barbara Janta, Eliza Kritikos, Thibault Clack
EENEE Analytical Report AR02/2022

This analytical report presents a review of evidence regarding access to, and the process of acquiring, skills for the green economic transition across initial vocational education and training (IVET), as well as lifelong learning (LLL) opportunities for people already in the labour market. The report focuses on groups in society that may be particularly affected by the greening of the economy. The policy context for this paper is provided by the EU’s ambitions for the green transition. These are set out in a number of policy documents that highlight the importance of skills in achieving these green goals. The report focuses on three interlinked aspects: (1) it provides characteristics of green(er) jobs and skills; (2) it assesses the extent to which current education and training provisions ensure equal access to the acquisition of green(er) skills; and (3) it provides illustrative examples of practices adopted by Member States to create equal and just access to green(er) education and training opportunities.

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