Ioannis Cholezas

Selected publications

  • Kanellopoulos, N.C., Missos, V., Cholezas, I. (2020), Evaluating the current legislated legal minimum monthly and daily wage rate, Coordinated by N.C. Kanellopoulos. Report prepared for the Ministry of Labour and Social affairs.
  • Cholezas, I., Kanellopoulos, N.C., Benos, N., Paizis, N., Kastis, N., Kotsios, V., Fotopoulos, N. (2019), Developing a Human Capital Development Plan, Coordinated by I. Cholezas. Report prepared for the SRSS (acting as a medium for the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity). Joint project with KANEP-GSEE.
  • Cholezas, I. (2019), Assessing the reform of the system of professional qualifications recognition in Greece, In Structural Reforms in Greece 2010-2018,Coordinated by Athanassiou, E., Kotsi, A., Nitsi, E., Report prepared for the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO) (acting as a medium for the European Commission).
  • Cholezas, I. (2018), What Makes Greek Youth More Vulnerable to Unemployment?, In European Youth Labour Markets, Springer, pp. 45-60. 
  • Cholezas, I., Kanellopoulos, N. C. (2015), Labour market reforms in Greece and the wage curve, Economics Letters, 136, pp. 19-21.
  • Cholezas, I., Kanellopoulos, N. C., Mitrakos, T., Tsakloglou, P. (2013), The impact of the current crisis on private returns to education in Greece, Economic Bulletin, 38, pp. 33-63.
  • Mitrakos, Th., Tsakloglou, P., Cholezas, I. (2010), Determinants of wages in Greece with emphasis on tertiary education graduates wages, Bank of Greece, Economic Bulletin, 34, pp. 7-42.
  • Mitrakos, Th., Tsakloglou, P., Cholezas, I. (2010), Contributing factors on the possibility of youth unemployment in Greece with emphasis on tertiary education graduates, Bank of Greece, Economic Bulletin, 33, pp. 23-68.