Ágnes Szabó-Morvai

Selected publications

  • Bíró, A., Szabó-Morvai, Á. (2021), Mass media coverage and vaccination uptake: evidence from the demand for meningococcal vaccinations in Hungary, The European Journal of Health Economics, pp. 1-17.
  • Kiss, H. J., Szabó-Morvai, Á. (2019), Gender differences in the stability of personality traits over time.
  • Lovász, A., Szabó-Morvai, Á. (2018), The effect of motivation and feedback, In: Fazekas, K., Szabó-Morvai, Á., The Hungarian Labour Market (2019). Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Szabó-Morvai, Á., Horn, D., Lovász, A., De Witte, K. (2017), Human capital effects of kindergarten and school enrolment timing, (No. BWP-2017/14), Budapest Working Papers on the Labour Market.